•   The Bilic-Fortune Technology Co,. Ltd (abbreviated as BFT) was founded on January 2009 which is a high-tech manufacture of plastic materials and related products. BFT vertically integrated operation of R&D, manufacturing, marketing and sales. On June 2014, BFT successfully landed on NEEQ.

      The core competence of the company includes typical modified plastic, natural fiber modified plastic, low VOC plastic and original nano inorganic material. Currently BFT is providing plastic to automotive, home appliance, electrical, daily commodity industries. BFT follows the development direction of plastic market, R&D new plastic materials and products to continuously satisfy the need of customers and market.

    Bilic-Fortune Technology Co,. Ltd
    Tel: +86-512-82622888 Fax: +86-512-50368561
    Address: #2 Dexin Rd, Zhangpu town Kunshan City Jiangsu Province, China
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